Đêm nhạc Defeated Sanity Live in Ho Chi Minh City


Defeated Sanity

Quái thú brutech Defeated Sanity trở lại Saigon lần thứ 2, trong chặng diễn The Last Impetus World Tour 2024. Sự kiện dành đặc biệt cho tất cả những ai đã lỡ show diễn lần trước của họ, lần này với sự tham gia của KINH, Infecated và gương mặt trẻ Ingorred!

1. Thời gian: 19h00 ngày 30/07/2024

2. Địa điểm: Rooster Rhythmns, 142 Đ. Trần Não, Quận 2, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

3. Nghệ sĩ: Defeated Sanity

4. Phí tham dự: 600,000 VNĐ

5. Link đăng kýhttps://hiden-space.vercel.app/purchase/defeated-sanity

Đêm nhạc Defeated Sanity Live in Ho Chi Minh City



Coming off from their Tartarus of immense creativity and brutality, Defeated Sanity returns to Asia with Slamman Booking with their 2024 world tour which spans across the continent, as they skywalk towards their next supersonic, polyhedral zenith, ad infinitum!
Get ready to "have y/our brain rearranged by an alarmingly ferocious force" delivered by true bearers of brutech grandeur.

Because you’re bound to behold (and again) one of our planet’s greatest death metal bands in action!

Vietnam welcomes you back, Defeated Sanity!

1. Time: 7:00 p.m., July 30, 2024

2. Location: Rooster Rhythmns, 142 Tran Nao Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

3. Artist: Defeated Sanity

4. Entry fee: VND 600,000

5. Registration link: https://hiden-space.vercel.app/purchase/defeated-sanity


Hailing from Dachsbach, Germany, Defeated Sanity was founded in 1994 by guitarist Wolfgang Teske and drummer Lille Gruber. The band swiftly rose through the ranks of extreme metal, becoming a prominent force in the technical death metal realm. Their debut full-length album, "Prelude to the Tragedy" (2004), marked the onset of their technical prowess, delivering a relentless onslaught of intricate riffs, dissonant melodies, and guttural vocals.

With subsequent releases like "Psalms of the Moribund" (2007) and "Chapters of Repugnance" (2010), Defeated Sanity solidified their reputation as masters of complexity. The addition of bassist Jacob Schmidt brought fretless bass techniques into their fold, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to their sound. Their evolution continues with albums like "Passages into Deformity" (2013), "Disposal of the Dead // Dharmata" (2016) and most recently "The Sanguinary Impetus" (2020), consistently showcasing their ability to merge brutality with intricacy. As torchbearers of the genre, Defeated Sanity remains an integral part of the modern death metal landscape, inspiring fellow musicians and fans worldwide.

Their live performances mirrored their studio precision, earning them a devoted fanbase and a reputation for delivering technically flawless shows.


With the first full length album "Predictable Death" released in April 2024, the Vietnamese flag-bearing death metal quintet Infecated will celebrate their 5th year in existence with ferocious grace. Founded from the ashes of the death/thrash outfit Onslave, the band solidifies their position in the microseismic metal scene of Vietnam with their crystallised vision of old-school 90s death metal sensibilities (think of Death, early Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation) and catalysed by an extreme passion for playing extreme music live. After a series of singles and a split EP with the Japanese veteran Taste (released via Bloodbath Records/JPN), Infecated has grown into a local metallic finesse to offer to both local fans and international touring artists to the scene alike - in 2019 they have supported the ultimate legendary Cryptopsy (again in 2023) and Slaughter to Prevail in Vietnam while a regular name at the now-defunct Hanoian underground beacon of Hai Ba Trung Deathfest. With a remarkably consistent lineup featured three original founding members, the gang of Tăng Cường (guitar), Phúc Hưng (guitar), Nguyễn An (bass), Anh Đức (drums), and Mạnh Toàn (vocals) play to the public the aggressive music they themselves want to hear.


Founded during mid-2023 in Saigon, KINH consists of three death metal veterans in Saigon, this time exploring their sonic palettes with hints of Hardcore and Grindcore.


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Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/vanityvietnam

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